My Safe Place

New artisan bakery in Louvain-la-Neuve

Search engine optimisation, Web design
Version mobile du site web de My Safe Place, boulangerie artisanale à Bruxelles

Creating a gourmet website

My client was starting up her bakery business and needed a website to promote herself and her products in Louvain-la-Neuve and the surrounding area.

I rose to the challenge by creating a clean, modern website with a storytelling style that reflected the baker's personality.

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After discussing the client's needs, I was able to draw up a set of specifications. 

We were then able to brainstorm on the style of website and the desired look and feel.



The WordPress website was created very quickly. The website was designed to be uncluttered and inclusive, positive and accessible to all.

In an iterative process, we've managed to get the project off to a flying start!

Écran du site web de My Safe Place, nouvelle boulangerie à Louvain-la-Neuve
Maquette du site web et du site web mobile de My Safe Place, boulangerie artisanale à Louvain-la-Neuve


To get an idea of the look of the Bakery and Patisserie pages, I took care to photograph the products one by one, in a beautiful light, so that the first look was mouth-watering.


Search Engine Optimisation

I double-checked the content in terms of semantics and vocabulary. The aim is to make it known in the region and to position it on keywords related to the bakery.

It's still a work in progress!

Concluding comments

A gourmet website showcasing its crafts and products

This website is very close to my heart because it was created for a friend of mine who was just starting out as a baker. 

I know her well and I'm really pleased with the website, which reflects her qualities of openness, inclusiveness and authenticity. I continue to follow her business very closely, not hesitating to go and work there to enjoy her delicious pastries, lunches and hot and cold drinks! I can't wait for the sunny terrace!